Hunter: Southern Hospitality

Maria McReese: Opinions on party after session one

Cam McKraken
I find it hilarious just how Texan this guy is. It’s like a writer made him into a walking cliché. And he’s loaded, in several ways. All in all just the kind of person I would steal from, except I won’t cause he’s been nothing but a big Texan teddy-bear since we got into this mess.

It’s been only a day, yet he owes me a few. I owe him a couple as well. I guess that’s how things work when your relationship kicks off with narrowly escaping the jaws of Death.

John Hart
I don’t really know much about this guy, but I guess neither does he. He’s got amnesia or something, in other words another walking cliché for me to hang out with. He seems nice, capable, good at improvising. And he’s got a wise sort of feeling about him, like the Fool in a tarot deck.



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