Hunter: Southern Hospitality

John Hart: Opinions on party after session one

Cam McKraken
Open a tourist catalogue about Texas and you’ll see, dead centre of the page, a picture of either Cam or, at the very least, another real good ol’ boy just like him. This is the sort of guy people come to Texas to see; the sort of guy who positively smells of money; the sort of guy who makes proud Texans prouder and gives Texans who ain’t just another excuse.

Now that ain’t to say he’s dumb – he’s a quick talker and in a town like this that’s worth more than any fancy college degree. I guarantee, if there’s anything he don’t know himself, he’s just one phone call away from someone who does.

In the bar he asked me some questions about my past and he’s certainly a smart enough guy to recognise when someone’s brushing him off. I doubt he trusts me but if there’s one thing I know it’s that a guy who owes me is worth ten times more than a guy who trusts me and, oh boy, Cam definitely owes me.

Maria McReese
They say a pretty girl will always show you the side she wants you to see. If that’s the case with Maria then I don’t wanna see the side she’s hiding.

Girl acts like some sort of burglar who’s chasing some ‘man out of time’ who robbed her or her own previously robbed goods. Smells like nothing but trouble to me and I don’t think I much like it.

I know a guy who owes me one and I told her I’d ask around for her mystery man at the shelter in Balmorhea. Way I see it, I ask around for her, maybe I find something maybe I don’t, that means that now she’s the one who owes me. That should keep her fingers out of my pockets for at least a few more days.

Hell, while I’m down at the shelter I might even ask around, see if anyone knows anything about her too.



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