Hunter: Southern Hospitality

GM's Adventure Log - Session #4

Hit 'n' Ranch

  • In Balmorhea Cam McKraken goes on a shopping spree, buying material to fortify the ranch, also buying a new car and a cellphone.
  • The party started driving toward the ranch. On the way they were taken off the road by a car that seemed to be drove by Tom Duggan
  • The party went to inspect Balmorhea’s Safehouse
    • The placed was messed up, as if a fight happened there.
    • On the ground there were two circles drawn in blood
    • The tv in the bunker was not broken anymore, and showed a church for a fraction of a second, before breaking down again
    • A faint shape of a head was burned on the wall
  • The party then rushed to the Ranch where they found none of Cam’s workers and part of the fence destroyed.
  • After seeing some supposed vampires (includingOfficer James Sanders) walking into the main building of the ranch and exiting from the window, burned to death, the party decided to call the police.
  • Police arrived, and after the first officers going in the ranch never came back, they contacted state police
  • The state police assaulted the place for hours, losing many policeman. After a couple of hour they managed to enter the building finding nothing but a huge pile of corpses.
  • In the police station The Party met with Officer Adam Zayne Roland
    • Cam noticed Adam’s face completely change for a second
    • Maria managed to pickpocket the bodies of the burnt vampires, finding two wooden charms
  • After shaking an unknown pursuer, the party found a motel and after putting on every defense they could think about, got a night of sleep.



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