Hunter: Southern Hospitality

GM's Adventure Log - Session #3

Much a demon about nothing

  • The mysterious person revealed himself as Deck, a demon ordered by his boss to bring the party to him.
  • Deck‘s show of power intimidated the party into following him. After some failed attempt at escaping from Deck’s car (Including John Hart trying to shoot the steering wheel for some reason) they surrendered and took a nap while Deck drove to San Antonio (TX)
  • The party met with Prudence Franz Lassiter a demon that offered them to give them the position of the “man out of time” (which Maria McReese) was searching for, in exchange for them killing him when they find him. He also mentioned that he is not sure what the “man out of time” is, and he is searching to “outsource” his killing because he is currently “running low on resources”
    • The party refused
    • While the party left the building Prudence gave them a “freebie” telling them that the “man out of time” might be under the impression that Maria tricked him into making him find a fake medallion.
    • Prudence also gave the party some photos of Tom Duggan leaving The Power Plant unscathed. Advising them to be wary of the man.
  • The party, even more freaked out, left towards Balmorhea in the bus. Trying to get some more sleep.



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