Hunter: Southern Hospitality

GM's Adventure Log - Session #2

They Were Wolves. Now they're no more.

  • After having breakfast the party decided to buy some cameras and place them in the exits of the town.
  • The party then accompanied John Hart to a homeless shelter, where he met an old friend to ask him some questions about the town
    • The guy confirmed Cam McKraken suspect’s: the symbol they found by Zeb’s house is the one of a biker gang, they are called The Pack
    • The guy will also ask around about Maria’s mysterious guy.
  • After this stop they went to The Tavern.
    • There they stopped a barfight and found Glenn Fey, which apparently received news of Tom Duggan “disappearance” and is searching for him.
  • They joined Glenn and went to investigate Tom Duggan
    • While entering in they triggered a sound trap but managed to quickly disable it
    • Searching the house they discovered it has been cleaned of everything important, and the car is missing from the driveway. Tom Duggan may apparently still be alive.
  • They head back to retrieve the cameras, while doing so they have a heated confrontation with Glenn in the car.
    • Glenn finally reveals that beside being a hunter she’s also a Succubus, but in the end seems well meaning enough for the party to begrudgingly trust her.
  • The party inspected the footage from the cameras.
    • They recognized Tom’s car and noticed in which direction it left city.
  • The party managed to follow Tom’s tracks to his safe-house, and meeting Tom as he was getting ready to go and hunt the werewolves.
    • They convinced Tom to calm down and to devise a plan.
    • Cam McKraken phoned his “old boys” telling them some bears were holed up in the old Power Plant (John Hart’s dream suggested very heavily that Zeb and The Pack were there).
    • Glenn took Tom’s car, telling them she would meet them tomorrow at the powerplant.
    • The party slept, while John psychic link with Zeb started becoming problematic.
  • The morning after the party re united with Glenn and the old boys and went hunting for the “bears” in the old power plant.
    • They started shooting and driving circle around the place to flush them out. As the werewolves came out swinging an intense fight took place.
    • Cam’s old boy were the first to go out, as their car were just thrown away by the pack.
    • Glenn was furiously mauled by a werewolf she was fighting.
    • Tom was grabbed through the windshield and thrown out taking what looked like a pretty deadly bump.
    • The rest of the party fought with teeth and nails, finally managing to take out the whole pack.
  • Surprisingly Tom stood up, looking still alive.
    • Just to then be mauled by a panicking Zeb Baker
    • Zeb Baker was ultimately killed by a weird guy being suddenly appearing. After killing Zeb the guy grinned and said to the party “I hear you asked your hobo friend to ask around for someone who knows where to find the man-outta-time”



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