Hunter: Southern Hospitality

Cam McCraken: Opinions on party after session two

John Hart

John has problems. I’ve seen guys like him before. Big guys that don’t know their own strength, and that ignorance has cost them. A brawl gone wrong, a girlfriend that crossed some unknown line, and they wander for the rest of their lives, knowing that they had a chance at being civilized, but failed. Not too far from what happened to Zeb, at least on the surface of it. I think John knows that. I think John sees what happened to Zeb, and some part of himself wants that power, that freedom. Seems to me John might be happy enough on the other side. John’s not quite right. He has that spark of whatever fuels those animals. The heat of the moment thing that’s hard to explain when the gunfire stops. The silent attitude, the sudden outbursts. The way he sometimes goes quiet and it seems like he’s in a whole other place. The “gut feeling” he got. I wonder what’s lurking in that man’s head. I think I’d feel a lot better if I knew.

Still. he’s on my side, for now. I’ll take him over a hundred of the limp-dick ranchers around here.

Maria McReese

I don’t know much about Maria. She’s quiet, and she’s used to illegal activities. When I asked her to sneak down to the morgue, she barely blinked an eye. That and her story about “waking up” in a house. My ass did she stumble in looking for her keys, or some-such nonsense. As for her medallion, my only question is where she stole it from. Isn’t hard to put together, a thief gets roughed up and a possession lost. As for this man out of time, well, as far as I know it could be Davey Harson coming back from his ill-conceived disco nights. Still, she knows what she’s doing, and I don’t need to know her life history to be satisfied that she has my back when it comes to beasties and ghouls. A light touch doesn’t go amiss every now and then, either. I’ll help her find that medallion. I think we all owe each other a little, creepy disco-man or no.



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