“The scales have fallen from your eyes.
A fire is lit: is it a lamp perched over the inscription upon an ancient blade? Or a roaring conflagration consuming the house in which the howling fiends wait?
Things will never be the same after this. You’ve set forth on a damning path.
Carry the Vigil.
Fight back the shadows.”


Cam, John and Maria each had their dealings with the supernatural in the past. They each know that there is something different, something dangerous, out there, but they never particularly bothered doing anything about it until fate brought them together.

After taking down a biker gang of renegade Werewolves, the party got stuck into a three way conflict between the Demon Prudence Franz Lassiter, the vampires of San Antonio (TX) and a mysterious Man Out of Time. In all of this, a series of hunters seem to have become immortal and under someone’s control.

The party would rather just go home and have a nice dinner, but after three days this mess doesn’t seem to stop following them, so they caught an opportunity by the horns and kidnapped the regenerating Aaron Luger. Now they have a bargaining chip to try and get out of this.


Our heroes scout Fort Stockton and end up kidnapping Aaron Luger. They try and interrogate him to the catchiest tunes of WHAM!, but they are interrupted first by The Prince of San Antonio and then by a hulking Tom Duggan. After many explosions and regrown limbs the party manages to escape and ride into the sunset,


Cam McKraken
Southern landowner with a love for guns, the U.S of A and killing desert-dwelling abominations

Maria McReese
Irish cat burglar chasing a guy that robbed her of hers legally stolen proprieties

John Hart
Your friendly neighborhood amnesiac hobo


Zeb Baker
Young werewolf. He never heard about doors.
Status: Hunted

The Pack
Biker gang of Ghost Wolves with absolutely no subtlety when it comes to choosing a name.
Status: Hunted

The Prince of San Antonio
Rules over all of San Antonio’s vampires. Loves long walks on the beach and torturing innocent humans.
Status: Location Unknown

Prudence Franz Lassiter
Apparently he’s a demon. When he says “let’s keep in touch” he means it.
Status: In Touch

Big, though and extremely annoying demon. Also loves air horns.
Status: Location Unknown

Mysterious Guy
Robbed Maria of her legally stolen necklace and defended a family from getting robbed. What a deviant monster!
Status: Location Unknown

The Desert Things
Cam was pretty drunk at that time. But he swear it wasn’t him to kill all his friends. Guns don’t kill people, monsters kill people.
Status: Location Unknown


Southern Hospitality
Werewolf falls, everyone dies
Character’s log: John
Character’s log: Maria
They were wolves, now they’re no more
Character’s log: Cam

Cross (road) fire
Much a demon about nothing
Hit ‘n’ Ranch

Hunter: Southern Hospitality

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