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  • The Pack

    [[File:413047 | class=media-item-align-right | 300x200px | 8069_4171_outlaw-bikers-bandido-nation-01_04700300_pec6h7ytenr4mwgxehecgrp6ilncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma_610x389.jpg]]roaming Reeves County. Formed by five members, now deceased. The ones that …

  • Werewolves

    [[File:410892 | class=media-item-align-right| 300x450px | fdeed11c0f0acc2b5ea9aff16fba6ee2-d5r87mg.jpg]] Humans that can transform into half-man-half-wolf abominations the size of two men. The first one the party has encountered was [[:zeb-baker | …

  • Succubus

    Cursed beings that gain incredible strength and speed but also an inherent need to regularly kill and have sex (not necessarily at the same time) to sustain themselves. While some of them try and not tot fall into murderous attitudes (like [[:glenn-fey …

  • Ghost Wolves

    Renegade [[Werewolves | werewolves]] that do not take part in the tribe-based society of werewolves. [[:glenn-fey | Glenn Fey]] mentioned that there are not much of them around.

  • Demon

    bq). _"A demon is a very specific thing."_ [[:tom-duggan | Tom Duggan]] mentioned that demons are usually manipulative being.

  • Tom Duggan

    A retired hunter, lately working as a Coroner at the [[Reeves County Sheriff Office | Reeves County Sheriff Office]] in [[Balmorhea | Balmorhea]] After miraculously surviving [[:zeb-baker | Zeb Baker]]'s attack at the [[Reeves County Sheriff Office | …

  • Deck

    He suddenly appeared during the [[The Power Plant | Power Plant]] assault and "saved" the party from [[:zeb-baker | Zeb Baker]]. He's a [[Demon | Demon]] and works for [[:pfl | Prudence Franz Lassiter]]

  • Zeb Baker

    He was already in the temporary detainment cell of the [[Balmorhea | Balmorhea]] when the party was thrown in. He seemed pretty beaten up and reported being in a barfight and killing a man but not remembering it. During the bar fight he was bit by one …

  • Glenn Fey

    A [[Succubus | succubus]] and a hunter. The party met her at [[The Tavern | The Tavern]], where she was searching for the disappeared [[:tom-duggan | Tom Duggan]]. She joined the party when attacking [[The Pack | The Pack]] and died in the assault.

  • Prudence Franz Lassiter

    [[Demon | Demon]] apparently residing in [[San Antonio (TX) | San Antonio (TX)]], he tried to use the party as a guinea pig against [[:azrael | "the man out of time"]]. He seem to have a hatred of [[:everett-lair | The Prince of San Antonio]] He …

  • Aaron Luger

    One of the hunter killed by the Vampires after the [[Octopus Ranch | Octopus Ranch]] massacre. As those hunter he is some kind of monster with the ability of regenerating any wounds. Brother of [[:jack-luger | Jack Luger]] He was captured by the …