Tag: hunter


  • Balmorhea's Safehouse

    [[File:413059 | class=media-item-align-right | 925608796.jpg]]Small safe house under the desert near [[Balmorhea | Balmorhea]]. Previously owned by [[The Union | The Union]] now used by [[:tom-duggan | Tom Duggan]]. Pretty small and not excessively …

  • Cam McKraken

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  • Maria McReese

    Descending from an Irish-American family, Maria moved to the US a few years ago and took up the career of a burglar in-between several honest jobs. Not much good with weapons, she relies on her wits and dexterity to stay safe in a fight and quickly find a …

  • Glenn Fey

    A [[Succubus | succubus]] and a hunter. The party met her at [[The Tavern | The Tavern]], where she was searching for the disappeared [[:tom-duggan | Tom Duggan]]. She joined the party when attacking [[The Pack | The Pack]] and died in the assault.

  • Aaron Luger

    One of the hunter killed by the Vampires after the [[Octopus Ranch | Octopus Ranch]] massacre. As those hunter he is some kind of monster with the ability of regenerating any wounds. Brother of [[:jack-luger | Jack Luger]] He was captured by the …