Zeb Baker

A Texan werewolf in prison


Young, scruffy, with an unkept beard (although photos suggest that he wasn’t always like this).
When he becomes a werewolf he is huge, scary and will probably kill you before you’re able to describe him.

“You should see the other guy”
- Zeb Baker


He was already in the temporary detainment cell of the Balmorhea when the party was thrown in.

He seemed pretty beaten up and reported being in a barfight and killing a man but not remembering it. During the bar fight he was bit by one of The Pack triggering his “first turn”.

After a while he felt sick. Tom Duggan told the officers to bring him into the morgue so he could have a look at him. In the morgue he transformed into a werewolf and started thrashing the police station, killing Arthur Akerman, and supposedly the rest of the staff, in the process.

He was kidnapped by The Pack and locked in the power plant. He got free during the party assault and tried to kill Tom Duggan. He was immediately killed by Deck after he suddenly appeared.

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Zeb Baker

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