Maria McReese

Irish burglar in her late 20's.


“They say a pretty girl will always show you the side she wants you to see. If that’s the case with Maria then I don’t wanna see the side she’s hiding.

Girl acts like some sort of burglar who’s chasing some ‘man out of time’ who robbed her or her own previously robbed goods. Smells like nothing but trouble to me and I don’t think I much like it.

I know a guy who owes me one and I told her I’d ask around for her mystery man at the shelter in Balmorhea. Way I see it, I ask around for her, maybe I find something maybe I don’t, that means that now she’s the one who owes me. That should keep her fingers out of my pockets for at least a few more days.

Hell, while I’m down at the shelter I might even ask around, see if anyone knows anything about her too."
- John Hart

“I don’t know much about Maria. She’s quiet, and she’s used to illegal activities. When I asked her to sneak down to the morgue, she barely blinked an eye. That and her story about “waking up” in a house. My ass did she stumble in looking for her keys, or some-such nonsense. As for her medallion, my only question is where she stole it from. Isn’t hard to put together, a thief gets roughed up and a possession lost. As for this man out of time, well, as far as I know it could be Davey Harson coming back from his ill-conceived disco nights. Still, she knows what she’s doing, and I don’t need to know her life history to be satisfied that she has my back when it comes to beasties and ghouls. A light touch doesn’t go amiss every now and then, either. I’ll help her find that medallion. I think we all owe each other a little, creepy disco-man or no.”
Cam McKraken


Descending from an Irish-American family, Maria moved to the US a few years ago and took up the career of a burglar in-between several honest jobs. Not much good with weapons, she relies on her wits and dexterity to stay safe in a fight and quickly find a stealthy, as opposed to aggressive solution to most problems. She is patient, thorough and takes pride in doing a good job.

She has encountered odd, possibly supernatural things a few times in her burgling career, but only two had stood out until the Werewolf incident: The first had been her acquisition of a golden charm in one of her early burglaries, that had since then seemingly granted her a little bit of extra luck when she had been in dire need of it. The second was her recent encounter with a young man in white who took the charm from her and rendered her unconscious in the middle of a burglary in Balmorhea, which resulted in her apprehension and the meeting of Cam McKraken and John Hart.

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Maria McReese

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