Cam McKraken

A good 'ol boy with who's quick on the draw and handy with a welder.


“Open a tourist catalogue about Texas and you’ll see, dead centre of the page, a picture of either Cam or, at the very least, another real good ol’ boy just like him. This is the sort of guy people come to Texas to see; the sort of guy who positively smells of money; the sort of guy who makes proud Texans prouder and gives Texans who ain’t just another excuse.

Now that ain’t to say he’s dumb – he’s a quick talker and in a town like this that’s worth more than any fancy college degree. I guarantee, if there’s anything he don’t know himself, he’s just one phone call away from someone who does

In the bar he asked me some questions about my past and he’s certainly a smart enough guy to recognise when someone’s brushing him off. I doubt he trusts me but if there’s one thing I know it’s that a guy who owes me is worth ten times more than a guy who trusts me and, oh boy, Cam definitely owes me."
- John Hart

“I find it hilarious just how Texan this guy is. It’s like a writer made him into a walking cliché. And he’s loaded, in several ways. All in all just the kind of person I would steal from, except I won’t cause he’s been nothing but a big Texan teddy-bear since we got into this mess.

It’s been only a day, yet he owes me a few. I owe him a couple as well. I guess that’s how things work when your relationship kicks off with narrowly escaping the jaws of Death."
- Maria McReese

Cam McKraken

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