Hunter: Southern Hospitality

GM's Adventure Log - Session #5

GM's Adventure Log - Session #4
Hit 'n' Ranch
  • In Balmorhea Cam McKraken goes on a shopping spree, buying material to fortify the ranch, also buying a new car and a cellphone.
  • The party started driving toward the ranch. On the way they were taken off the road by a car that seemed to be drove by Tom Duggan
  • The party went to inspect Balmorhea’s Safehouse
    • The placed was messed up, as if a fight happened there.
    • On the ground there were two circles drawn in blood
    • The tv in the bunker was not broken anymore, and showed a church for a fraction of a second, before breaking down again
    • A faint shape of a head was burned on the wall
  • The party then rushed to the Ranch where they found none of Cam’s workers and part of the fence destroyed.
  • After seeing some supposed vampires (includingOfficer James Sanders) walking into the main building of the ranch and exiting from the window, burned to death, the party decided to call the police.
  • Police arrived, and after the first officers going in the ranch never came back, they contacted state police
  • The state police assaulted the place for hours, losing many policeman. After a couple of hour they managed to enter the building finding nothing but a huge pile of corpses.
  • In the police station The Party met with Officer Adam Zayne Roland
    • Cam noticed Adam’s face completely change for a second
    • Maria managed to pickpocket the bodies of the burnt vampires, finding two wooden charms
  • After shaking an unknown pursuer, the party found a motel and after putting on every defense they could think about, got a night of sleep.
GM's Adventure Log - Session #3
Much a demon about nothing
  • The mysterious person revealed himself as Deck, a demon ordered by his boss to bring the party to him.
  • Deck‘s show of power intimidated the party into following him. After some failed attempt at escaping from Deck’s car (Including John Hart trying to shoot the steering wheel for some reason) they surrendered and took a nap while Deck drove to San Antonio (TX)
  • The party met with Prudence Franz Lassiter a demon that offered them to give them the position of the “man out of time” (which Maria McReese) was searching for, in exchange for them killing him when they find him. He also mentioned that he is not sure what the “man out of time” is, and he is searching to “outsource” his killing because he is currently “running low on resources”
    • The party refused
    • While the party left the building Prudence gave them a “freebie” telling them that the “man out of time” might be under the impression that Maria tricked him into making him find a fake medallion.
    • Prudence also gave the party some photos of Tom Duggan leaving The Power Plant unscathed. Advising them to be wary of the man.
  • The party, even more freaked out, left towards Balmorhea in the bus. Trying to get some more sleep.
Cam McCraken: Opinions on party after session two

John Hart

John has problems. I’ve seen guys like him before. Big guys that don’t know their own strength, and that ignorance has cost them. A brawl gone wrong, a girlfriend that crossed some unknown line, and they wander for the rest of their lives, knowing that they had a chance at being civilized, but failed. Not too far from what happened to Zeb, at least on the surface of it. I think John knows that. I think John sees what happened to Zeb, and some part of himself wants that power, that freedom. Seems to me John might be happy enough on the other side. John’s not quite right. He has that spark of whatever fuels those animals. The heat of the moment thing that’s hard to explain when the gunfire stops. The silent attitude, the sudden outbursts. The way he sometimes goes quiet and it seems like he’s in a whole other place. The “gut feeling” he got. I wonder what’s lurking in that man’s head. I think I’d feel a lot better if I knew.

Still. he’s on my side, for now. I’ll take him over a hundred of the limp-dick ranchers around here.

Maria McReese

I don’t know much about Maria. She’s quiet, and she’s used to illegal activities. When I asked her to sneak down to the morgue, she barely blinked an eye. That and her story about “waking up” in a house. My ass did she stumble in looking for her keys, or some-such nonsense. As for her medallion, my only question is where she stole it from. Isn’t hard to put together, a thief gets roughed up and a possession lost. As for this man out of time, well, as far as I know it could be Davey Harson coming back from his ill-conceived disco nights. Still, she knows what she’s doing, and I don’t need to know her life history to be satisfied that she has my back when it comes to beasties and ghouls. A light touch doesn’t go amiss every now and then, either. I’ll help her find that medallion. I think we all owe each other a little, creepy disco-man or no.

GM's Adventure Log - Session #2
They Were Wolves. Now they're no more.
  • After having breakfast the party decided to buy some cameras and place them in the exits of the town.
  • The party then accompanied John Hart to a homeless shelter, where he met an old friend to ask him some questions about the town
    • The guy confirmed Cam McKraken suspect’s: the symbol they found by Zeb’s house is the one of a biker gang, they are called The Pack
    • The guy will also ask around about Maria’s mysterious guy.
  • After this stop they went to The Tavern.
    • There they stopped a barfight and found Glenn Fey, which apparently received news of Tom Duggan “disappearance” and is searching for him.
  • They joined Glenn and went to investigate Tom Duggan
    • While entering in they triggered a sound trap but managed to quickly disable it
    • Searching the house they discovered it has been cleaned of everything important, and the car is missing from the driveway. Tom Duggan may apparently still be alive.
  • They head back to retrieve the cameras, while doing so they have a heated confrontation with Glenn in the car.
    • Glenn finally reveals that beside being a hunter she’s also a Succubus, but in the end seems well meaning enough for the party to begrudgingly trust her.
  • The party inspected the footage from the cameras.
    • They recognized Tom’s car and noticed in which direction it left city.
  • The party managed to follow Tom’s tracks to his safe-house, and meeting Tom as he was getting ready to go and hunt the werewolves.
    • They convinced Tom to calm down and to devise a plan.
    • Cam McKraken phoned his “old boys” telling them some bears were holed up in the old Power Plant (John Hart’s dream suggested very heavily that Zeb and The Pack were there).
    • Glenn took Tom’s car, telling them she would meet them tomorrow at the powerplant.
    • The party slept, while John psychic link with Zeb started becoming problematic.
  • The morning after the party re united with Glenn and the old boys and went hunting for the “bears” in the old power plant.
    • They started shooting and driving circle around the place to flush them out. As the werewolves came out swinging an intense fight took place.
    • Cam’s old boy were the first to go out, as their car were just thrown away by the pack.
    • Glenn was furiously mauled by a werewolf she was fighting.
    • Tom was grabbed through the windshield and thrown out taking what looked like a pretty deadly bump.
    • The rest of the party fought with teeth and nails, finally managing to take out the whole pack.
  • Surprisingly Tom stood up, looking still alive.
    • Just to then be mauled by a panicking Zeb Baker
    • Zeb Baker was ultimately killed by a weird guy being suddenly appearing. After killing Zeb the guy grinned and said to the party “I hear you asked your hobo friend to ask around for someone who knows where to find the man-outta-time”
Maria McReese: Opinions on party after session one

Cam McKraken
I find it hilarious just how Texan this guy is. It’s like a writer made him into a walking cliché. And he’s loaded, in several ways. All in all just the kind of person I would steal from, except I won’t cause he’s been nothing but a big Texan teddy-bear since we got into this mess.

It’s been only a day, yet he owes me a few. I owe him a couple as well. I guess that’s how things work when your relationship kicks off with narrowly escaping the jaws of Death.

John Hart
I don’t really know much about this guy, but I guess neither does he. He’s got amnesia or something, in other words another walking cliché for me to hang out with. He seems nice, capable, good at improvising. And he’s got a wise sort of feeling about him, like the Fool in a tarot deck.

John Hart: Opinions on party after session one

Cam McKraken
Open a tourist catalogue about Texas and you’ll see, dead centre of the page, a picture of either Cam or, at the very least, another real good ol’ boy just like him. This is the sort of guy people come to Texas to see; the sort of guy who positively smells of money; the sort of guy who makes proud Texans prouder and gives Texans who ain’t just another excuse.

Now that ain’t to say he’s dumb – he’s a quick talker and in a town like this that’s worth more than any fancy college degree. I guarantee, if there’s anything he don’t know himself, he’s just one phone call away from someone who does.

In the bar he asked me some questions about my past and he’s certainly a smart enough guy to recognise when someone’s brushing him off. I doubt he trusts me but if there’s one thing I know it’s that a guy who owes me is worth ten times more than a guy who trusts me and, oh boy, Cam definitely owes me.

Maria McReese
They say a pretty girl will always show you the side she wants you to see. If that’s the case with Maria then I don’t wanna see the side she’s hiding.

Girl acts like some sort of burglar who’s chasing some ‘man out of time’ who robbed her or her own previously robbed goods. Smells like nothing but trouble to me and I don’t think I much like it.

I know a guy who owes me one and I told her I’d ask around for her mystery man at the shelter in Balmorhea. Way I see it, I ask around for her, maybe I find something maybe I don’t, that means that now she’s the one who owes me. That should keep her fingers out of my pockets for at least a few more days.

Hell, while I’m down at the shelter I might even ask around, see if anyone knows anything about her too.

GM's Adventure Log - Session #1
Werewolf falls, everyone dies.

This is a stripped down version of what happened in the session. If any of you players want to write his character’s views on it feel free to.

  • After the party chatted a bit with Zeb, he felt sick and fell to the ground screaming.
    • Tom Duggan, the city coroner, told sheriff Arthur Akerman to bring Zeb down to the morgue so he could have a look at him.
  • Shots and horrible noises started coming from the morgue, Zeb had transformed into a werewolf.
    • Maria McReese picked the cell lock with a hairpin and ran away trying to hotwire a police car.
    • John Hart stayed back helping a shaken and wounded Cam McKraken to escape (and rationalize the existence of werewolves).
  • Before they could run outside the party witnessed Arthur Akerman being mauled to death by Zeb.
  • While the party ran towards the hotwired car, Zeb started chasing them, taking down one of the building’s walls in the process. Fortunately Maria and Cam awkwardly managed to drive the car away.
  • At the ranch Jeff Daniels (Cam’s doctor) looked at the party’s wounds.
  • John Hart passed all nights trying to research werewolves on the internet
    • The only result was a “werewolves, vampires and other monsters” convention that happened a couple of months before around those parts.
      • somehow it didn’t seemed a trustworthy source of informations
  • Cam’s gave a phone call to Susan Andrews, owner of The Tavern (the bar in which Zeb mentioned to have apparently killed a man, Zeb didn’t remembered much of the event though). Susan tells Cam how a couple of hours later some strangers came and pick a fight with Zeb, sparking a massive barfight in which a citizen of Balmorhea got killed. Zeb’s was found fainted near the victim.
  • Before going to sleep the party regrouped and decided to investigate this werewolf thing further.
  • The morning after Cam got sure to teach Maria how to handle a gun and stocked up on “self defense equipment”
  • Chatting with a couple of policeman the party discovered that no evidence was left at the Reeves County Sheriff Office. There was no trace of all the people that were supposed to be corpses, and there’s now only a handful of policeman left in town.
    • The two policemen also mentioned that they contacted the FBI about this weird occurrences.
  • The first stop when in town was the Balmorhea’s Walmart where Zeb Baker mentioned he worked. They failed to get any info from the manager but after Cam and John created a distraction Maria managed to sneak in the Manager’s office and steal Zeb’s file.
  • Zeb’s file mentioned he was fired because a month ago he started getting in fights with customers and employees.
    • John Hart used the file to form a weak psychic link with Zeb.
  • Next step was going to Zeb’s Apartement, Maria picked the lock.
    • They found the apartment in terrible conditions.
      • The fridge was full of stinking half-eaten rotten meat, with human teeth marks on it
      • Zeb apparently had been reading a lot of books about wolves
      • Hidden under a piece of furniture they found a Mysterious Letter.
        • The letter read “We kNOw yOuR PaiN. we’Re cOmINg to gEt YOU. BriNGinG y0u hOme. BrOthEr” wrote with letters cut out from newspaper.
  • They went back to the bar and chatted a bit with Susan learning a bit more about the barfight. Then drank a bit and regrouped until night.
  • Once night fell they head up to the Reeves County Sheriff Office.
    • Cam distracted the two policeman guarding the crime scene by faking drunkenness
    • John and Maria sneaked through the back window (that Maria managed to opened without really grasping how).
  • As the policemen said, there was no evidence nor blood left in the station (not even Cam’s belongings). Going down the morgue they found that someone stole the corpse of Zeb’s victim.
    • The investigation in the morgue also gave some other results: hidden under some furniture the party found they found a revolver and the victim’s autopsy file.
  • The party booked rooms in a motel, where they regrouped and took a look at what they found in the morgue.
    • The Revolver is apparently charged with six silver bullets
    • The autopsy file indicates that the death might have been accidental.
  • While sleeping John Hart’s link with Zeb Baker activated, he saw electricity, pain, slashing silver, a cage and the sound of machinery. The vision ended up being quite disturbing for him, messing a bit with his mind.

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